"Parting the Clouds for a Brighter Tomorrow"


About Me

I give people the space to talk, to reflect on their challenges and/or anxieties and to explore self development, where nothing is too trivial. I know that given the right conditions, people can heal themselves by finding different ways of looking at the issues that are of concern and can become personally resilient. By facing things, often together, we can develop ways to improve general well-being. As a qualified and experienced counsellor and psychotherapist, I offer a safe and comfortable environment for you. To walk with you in exploring those difficult thoughts and feelings, thereby helping you to face current and future challenges more successfully.



  • Diploma in Relationship Counselling (CPCAB) "Relate trained"

  • IAPT Couples Therapy for Depression (CTfD)

  • Diploma in Relational Therapeutic Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP Accredited)

  • Msc Psychology (ongoing)

  • Certificate in Counselling in The Development of Learning

  • Communications & Counselling skills

  • First Degree BSc Economics​


  • Healing Trauma: Facilitating Interventions

  • Becoming Trauma Informed

  • Rewind Trauma Therapy (BPS)

  • Anger Management

  • Working with Women & Girls in Sexual Violence Sector

  • Advanced Counselling Skills (Pastoral Care)

  • Biblical Studies

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Domestic Violence and Abuse 

  • Child Sexual Abuse

  • Equality and Diversity

  • Human Military:Understanding culture/support

  • Rape & Pre-trial Therapy

  • Reflective Practitioner in working with families

Brief outlook on some areas of Counselling & Therapy on offer

Couples Therapy & Relationships Issues

As a relationship counsellor, I get it that some life experiences can result in a feeling of hopelessness as if a healthy relationship is unattainable. Not knowing the best resolution of past pain can feel unsettling. The result are the frustration and feeling stuck with familiar response dynamics and the avoidable divorce/separation. I work in-depth to help you understand the underlying issues for a more rewarding experience in individual /couple's relationship. 

 Anxieties & 

Most psychological problems and health challenges have various underlying factors of unmet needs and self loss that precipitate them. I have extensive experiences through  working in specialist organisations in the voluntary sector, working with complex issues relating to anxieties, childhood  developments, family issues, sexual violence, relationships, post-traumatic stress and/or depression amongst others. 

Trauma & Unexplainable Pain

Being trauma informed and experienced, I understand the impact of long term life stressful situations on general well-being. Sometimes, past traumatic experiences can present itself in unresolved health issues like pain, linked to the mind and body. Therefore, I work in collaboration with you to discover solutions to your challenges and/or problems which may have gotten in the way of what you want in life.

Self Development

I work in collaboration with individuals in recognizing  patterns that may have been hard wired into a person's process which may have now become unproductive thereby leading to emotional challenges that tends to impact on everyday life. Where possible, I facilitate and encourage change towards a more flexible outlook of self and life experiences.

Youth Therapy

I offer a safe place for young adult in developing self awareness through our working relationship. I believe given the right environment , anyone is capable of self actualising  as they come to understand the impact of and let go of the past unpleasant childhood experiences. As a result, true self and potentials are discovered.

Christian Counselling

As faith can appear difficult to embrace in the face of daily life experiences. I offer a relational depth in understanding self within today's society as it relates to the christian faith. 

I have extensive  biblical studies and advanced counselling training that allows me to offer a safe environment for you to explore your deep thoughts and fears.